Yes, of course! We ensure client satisfaction, and you can ask for a return if you are not satisfied with the quality of our face masks.

We are open for 24 hours of the day and seven days of the week, to facilitate our customers under these conditions of the pandemic.

Yes! Our face masks are designed with a high-density air filter for comfortable breathing.

We are already working on the scales of the economy and charge the most competitive prices from our customers. However, we also offer discounts on large orders as well. Please contact us and we can discuss further.

Whenever you need to go out to a public place, whether the pharmacy or the supermarket, where there are a reasonable number of people, you must wear a face mask and try to maintain a distance of at least six feet.

Cloth masks should be your last option. It would be best if you tried to get quality face masks that are certified and increase protection against bacteria. Our Medical Shield Pro face masks are cross-checked for quality before packing and distribution to provide the best quality.

Generally, disposable face masks are designed to be used once only. So, to ensure better safety and health, you should also replace your face masks daily, and dispose of the used masks carefully.

Yes! Let us know your requirements, and we can plan the best for you. Our responsiveness makes us distinguishes and eminent, among others.

Yes! Our face masks are composed of synthetic non-woven materials that cause no damage, such as inflammation or irritation to skin types. It would help if you changed your face masks frequently to ensure the best outcomes.

It is always a healthy practice to face your hands properly and get them sanitized before and after wearing a face mask.

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