Medical Shield Pro

At Medical Shield Pro, we believe that affordability can set the foundation for scalability. Under these conditions of the pandemic where COVID-19 is an inevitable threat to the world, we come up with the best quality face masks to increase protection against the virus. We are a dedicated team of producers and retailers, who provide quality and affordability because community safety is our foremost priority.

We're all working together, that's the secret.

Our face masks increase quality protection from germs, and the multi-layered structure acts as a barrier from the infectious agents, including the virus and the several forms of bacteria. At Medical Shield Pro, we aim to scale our business and emerge as a quality producer and supplier of medical and healthcare equipment. Our efficiency and availability are parameters that make us eminent, among others. We market our face masks at all virtual platforms including social media, digital marketing, and others, to spread awareness among the people during these times of crisis, and to help our valuable customers, we offer home deliveries. Our mission is to address a broader audience, and serve customers all across the globe through our online store and keep our products regulated continuously to avoid any possible inconvenience to our worthy buyers.


We cut our profits, and provide the face masks in a very competitive process to our customers. Our client satisfaction is more important to us, and we are always willing to travel the extra mile to provide the best products to our customers. Moreover, our face masks also come in premium discounts for bulk purchases, ensuring no compromise in quality.

Quality Assurance

Based on the international standards of quality care and protection, our face mask includes the following qualities:

  • 4-layered structure
  • An outer, hydrophobic layer that is resistant to moisture
  • Leak proof and highly water absorbent inner layer.
  • Highly efficient in bacteria filtration up to 95%
  • Comfortable, sliding, and breathable structure.
  • Soft and smooth texture that ensures complete skincare.
  • Multi-layered mask with high-density filter, to ensure protection against bacteria and viruses and assure comfortable breathing.

Efficiency and Responsiveness

We are available 24 hours for the seven days of the week. Our quick deliveries and responsiveness in contacting clients and managing orders make us the most suitable option in these times of crisis. Contacting us will ensure quality products in minimum time, and you won’t have to wait long, and remain vulnerable to the pandemic.

Moreover, we also facilitate our customers with our return policy, and we are always willing to resolve their concerns and listen to their queries, to ensure that our customers receive nothing less than the best.


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